Provisioning and activating device

Provisioning and activating device

This section describes the concept on provisioning and activating device into Neuko Cloud IoT platform. The completion of these activities enable the device to connect to the Neuko Cloud IoT platform. It also allows the device to update and listen to the telemetry state in the Virtual Twin.

Device provisioning and activation lifecycles

The process to provision and activate a device can be illustrated as below diagram.

Provisioning Certificates

A device can be provisioned when it is connected for the first time to the Neuko Cloud IoT platform. In order to allow the device to connect to the platform, a Provisioning Certificates will be used by the device.

The Provisioning Certificates are certificates generated along with when a Telemetry State Schema is created. The schema can be created as explain in this procedures.

During provisioning a device, several resources associated to the device will be created.

  • A device registry.
  • Unique x.509 certificates.
  • Telemetry state in Virtual Twin.

Each schema will have its own Provisioning Certificate. When a device is being provisioned, the platform will register the device and the telemetry state based on the connected certificates.

Activating the device

While the device is connected to Neuko Cloud IoT platform, a user can activate the device. Neuko provides several different ways to activate the device based on your use case.

During the activation, several processes happening in the background:

  • Neuko Cloud IoT platform sends unique x.509 Perpetual Certificates and connection configuration file to the device.
  • Neuko SDK saves the certificates and file to the location programmed by the developer of the device.
  • Neuko SDK disconnects from Provisioning servers and makes new connection based the new configuration file.

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