Create telemetry state schema

Telemetry State Schema

Neuko builds its ecosystem from the device’s SDK and the client’s API with a point of view based on the telemetry state.

The JSON representation of the telemetry state is called Telemetry State Schema. A telemetry state schema also tells what type of device that is going to associate with it later.

Before a device can connect to the Neuko IoT Cloud Platform, its telemetry state schema and a few information about the device have to be defined first. Once the schema has been registered, a device can be associated with it.

Steps to create telemetry state schema

The procedures in this section describe how to create a Telemetry State Schema for a new device type.

As an example, the following parameters is assumed:

  • Device name: Smart Plug
  • Model Number: 123-XY
  • Device Tier: M1
  • Telemetry state with state name: device_state
  "electricity": {
    "power": 0.0,
    "voltage": 0.0
  "switch": {
    "power": false

The example assumes to define a Smart Plug that measure the consumed electricity usage of Power and Voltage for every 1 minute. It also has the capability to turn On and Off.

Take note the value of all attributes in the schema are the default value when a device is registered with the schema.

  1. Sign in to the Neuko Web application.
  2. On the left navigation pane, under Device section, choose Schemas.
  3. On the main page, click button “+ New Schema“.
  4. Fill in the following form as parameters above.
  5. To enter the telemetry state schema, click Add new state in Telemetry state definitions.
  6. On the opened slide panel, enter State name and the JSON schema for Schema editor.
  7. Click Save button.
  8. Click Create button on the main form.

Wait for a few seconds for the system to register the schema.

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